CA is deep in discussions to ban gas appliances. NPR’s Jeff Brady wrote a well-researched story on Feb 4 2023 debunking myths on the danger of gas appliances and revealing that manufacturers have had a solution to this problem for 40 years!!

In 1984, an infrared gas range burner was developed and the results are remarkable with burners consuming 40% less natural gas to reach cooking temperatures and emitting 40% less nitrogen oxides. It was never released because it’s expensive but when compared to the higher cost of electricity, the part would pay for itself.

Running a vent fan that exhausts outdoors is an affordable solution that dramatically reduces pollutants that there is toxic fumes. I understand that dense cities with high rise buildings don’t have the option to vent outdoors. But come on people. These are actionable solutions that nobody is talking about!!!!

Another item of note that nobody is discussing is the fact that the nation’s electric grid is already taxed to the point of brown outs and failure during peak use. Until the electric companies or government devise a solution, they are contributing to the problem.

I am surprised that manufacturers aren’t lobbying on this issue. I am not surprised that utility companies are staying quiet on the subject since electricity costs more than natural gas so they stand to profit. If every ASID designer and industry trade publication brought this issue to light along with manufacturers, the government would have no choice but to listen.