Speed Ovens

If you’ve got kids, you know they go from zero to hangry in a flash. You don’t have 12 minutes to wait for a conventional oven to preheat and you can’t microwave chicken nuggets or they’ll be soggy. A speed oven heats to 300 in 4-1/2 minutes. Problem solved! Speed ovens are a combination of microwave and convection ovens. They cost approx. $1k more than a standard microwave which might seem cost prohibitive but it will pay for itself in crispy nuggets and happy kids.

Steam Ovens

The magic of steam ovens is they keep nutrients in the food – even better than blanching. The temp in steam ovens is consistent without the hot spots you get in a conventional oven. Steam ovens are among the most forgiving making it hard to overcook. Flavors get injected in 30 minutes vs marinating overnight! While steam ovens cost more than conventional ovens, the features will save you considerable time. Most steam ovens have a 24” cavity which is smaller than a conventional oven but hold a 12lb roast. Choose from a plumbed reservoir that fills itself and a manual version (essentially a pitcher) that requires refilling periodically.

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