Ya know how some microwaves burn popcorn while others don’t? Cheap off-the-shelf microwaves cook based on time and don’t have sensors so there’s no guarantee your food will be heated properly.

Why do some microwaves cost $1k and others $2k? The difference is the cost of components. Think of a $2k microwave as a Ferrari. It uses an inverter to maintain a constant temp for more accurate results. A $1k microwave uses a magnetron which requires a turntable to heat food evenly.

If you don’t have a lot of upper cabinet space, consider a microwave drawer. The cavity is the same size as a standard microwave so you’re not compromising space. The drawer opens so smoothly that you can heat up a full cup of coffee and not have any spills. I like to install them close to the seating area for easy access.

Benefits of below counter placement:

  • they make it easier for kiddos to help out
  • they’re ADA compliant
  • they’re more ergonomic (it’s easier to pick something up than it is to reach up and pull heavy items out)