Dishwashers. Seem pretty simple, right? Load, run, unload. Occasionally add rinse aid. Think again. There is so much to say about dishwashers I need several posts to cover it all.

Today’s dishwashers offer a multitude of cycle options. Knowing how each one works, will save you time and water.


  • uses lower heat and pressure to prevent breakage of expensive, delicate plates and glasses
  • Got lipstick marks? This cycle removes residue with ease!

Sani Rinse

  • Baby bottles
  • Kids’ toys
  • Cutting boards used for raw meat

Top Rack Only

  • For smaller loads
  • Saves water by turning off the pump that operates the bottom sprayer

Rinse Only

  • Uses only 1/2 gallon of water vs up to 6.5 for a standard load vs over 20 gallons with hand washing

Power Steam

  • Removes water spots